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Prudential Seminars

We have 22 seminars taking place nationwide between 28 August and 29 October 2019. 

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‘Digitalisation, Agile, Holistic, Self-service, Customer-centric’… these are just some of the buzz words we see regularly in our daily lives. But what does this all mean for advisers when dealing with clients? How does it affect what they can do and how they do it? What type of investment opportunities does the new world present?

Keeping up with the changes impacting us is challenging. Increased regulation and complexity everywhere means advisers need to save time whilst still maximising returns for clients. And hot on the heels of the latest FCA pension transfer advice consultation paper 19/25, what better time is there to find out what this means for you and advice in the future.

Step through the looking glass at what pensions, investments and advice with the aid of technology and tools will look like in 2020 and beyond.

What’s on the agenda?

FCA consultation paper 19/25 - Our pension experts cover the key proposals and implications, explaining ways of reducing time and driving efficiencies in your review processes. Importantly, this is also likely to have an impact on other advice areas.

Technology & tools in 2020 and beyond - hear insights on how technology and tools will elevate the role of the financial adviser to provide better support to their clients. 

Pension and drawdown advice in 2020 and beyond – our Pension experts talk about how the provision of pension and retirement advice has changed, and how new ideas and concepts can be practically adapted into 'day to day' business to save time and meet client's expectations.

Leading SIPP provider, Curtis Banks - talks about a new arrangement which allows advisers to blend DFMs and platform business with PruFund in a more cost-effective way.

Investment 2020 and beyond – our Treasury & Investment Office specialists (previously PPMG) discuss how we are managing money for the long term including current strategic asset allocation in PruFund; what future/different opportunities we are looking at now across Equities; Commercial Property; Fixed Income and Alternative Investments;  why Prudential could be the right choice for some of your clients for 30 years or longer.

Your CPD

90 minutes (1.5 hours) structured CPD, accredited by CISI & CII:

  • The best practice being used for pension client reviews to help ensure good outcomes
  • Getting time back with the use of technology
  • Understanding our long-term investment strategy and how we manage money
  • The future themes and opportunities of our asset classes across Equities; Commercial Property; Fixed Income and Alternative Investments.
  • An update on the potential impact on pension advice as a result of CP19/25

Summary details

Dates:   Between 28 August and 29 October 2019.

Venues:  22 seminars taking place nationwide – please see the venue list to make your choice.

Timings: Allow a minimum of 2 hours - 30 minutes registration and 90 minutes seminar.

Morning sessions include coffee/tea and a bite to eat during registration.

Afternoon session (London only) includes a 45 minute lunch.