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This website is now closed and the event has taken place, if you wish to get more information then please contact the event team.

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A closer look at the event

Welcome Introduction

Thursday 20 May | 9.30am ‐ 9.45am

Objectives for the conference - Michael Watt

Long-term Investment Strategy Outlook

Thursday 20 May | 9.45am ‐ 10.15am

How M&G Treasury & Investment Office looks at asset allocation in 2021 – the themes we should consider and how we are integrating ESG into our asset allocation process - Parit Jakhria & Adrian Gaspar


Thursday 20 May | 10.15am ‐ 10.25am

10 minute break

An Overview of Fixed Income

Thursday 20 May | 10.25am ‐ 10.55am

Fixed Income Q&A – Overview of fixed income, where can investors unlock value and what are the key drivers going forward - Mark Riggall & Jim Leaviss


Thursday 20 May | 10.55am ‐ 11.05am

10 minute break

Commercial Property Outlook

Thursday 20 May | 11.05am ‐ 11.35am

Commercial property Q&A on outlook for the asset class, what we’re doing about evolving the strategy and considerations post-Covid and understanding the threats and opportunities within the asset class. Cat McInally & José Pellicer


Thursday 20 May | 11.35am ‐ 11.45am

10 minute break

Exploring the Equity Market

Thursday 20 May | 11.45am ‐ 12.30pm

Q&A session to tease out how we choose managers to run our mandates, how we look at value and growth within them, what drivers do we see for European and Asian equities and where are the opportunities. Ben Hamilton, David Perrett & Richard Halle

Wrap Up

Thursday 20 May | 12.30pm ‐ 12.40pm

Close - Michael Watt

Picture of Adrian Gaspar

Adrian Gaspar

Investment Director

Adrian joined the Treasury & Investment Office in 2015 and has over 33 years industry experience. Prior to joining M&G, he spent 11 years at OBSR, where he was a founder member of staff, helping to build one of the most respected consultancies in the UK.

Picture of Richard Halle

Richard Halle

Director of Equities

Richard joined M&G in 1999 as a sector analyst focusing on insurance. Since 2002, he has been managing various institutional and wholesale funds focusing on European and North American value strategy. Domiciled in London and Luxembourg.

Picture of Ben Hamilton

Ben Hamilton

Manager Oversight Analyst

Ben joined in May 2016 from M&G’s Graduate Scheme, and focuses on investment due diligence and manager selection for the With Profits and Unit Linked Funds. Ben joined the M&G Graduate Scheme in 2015, where he rotated in the Treasury & Investment Office.

Picture of Parit Jakhria

Parit Jakhria

Director of Long Term Investment Strategy, M&G Investments

Parit is the Head of LTIS and a member of the Treasury & Investment Office Executive Committee. He is also a member of various Boards and Investment Committees within the group. He has over 18 years of experience within the Prudential Group of companies.

Picture of Jim Leaviss

Jim Leaviss

Chief Investment Officer, Public Fixed Income, M&G

Jim was appointed CIO of M&G Public Fixed Income in February 2020, heading a team that invests across investment grade and high yield credit, government debt and emerging markets debt. He joined M&G in 1997 after five years at the Bank of England.

Picture of Catriona McInally

Catriona McInally

Business Development Manager - Investments

Cat returned to Prudential in 2008 as a Business Development Manager specialising in investments.  Prior to this, working in Prudential Distribution before taking a short break to join Paradigm where she worked with advisers.

Picture of José Pellicer

José Pellicer

Head of Investment Strategy

José joined M&G Real Estate as Head of Investment Strategy in August 2019. He is responsible for working with Fund Managers on setting the investment strategies and is the Chairman of the Property Investment Committee.

Picture of David Perrett

David Perrett

Co-Head of Asia Pacific Equity Investments

David joined the M&G Equity team in September 2019 as the co-Head of Asia Pacific Equity Investments. He is the fund manager for Asian ex-Japan portfolios, and deputy fund manager for Japan Funds.

Picture of Mark Riggall

Mark Riggall

Head of Client Portfolio Management

Mark joined M&G Treasury & Investment Office in August 2016 having previously worked at JP Morgan Asset Management as the Head of UK International. He has worked in financial services for over 35 years.

Picture of Michael Watt

Michael Watt

Investment Director, M&G Treasury & Investment Office

Michael is part of the Client Portfolio Management Team at M&G Treasury & Investment office, focused on providing intermediaries with strategic thinking, market and investment views across our multi-asset capabilities.